Camping Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are exotic camping locations that stand near the southwest coast of Spain. Seeing this from other point of view, the Canary Islands are situated northwest of Morocco (that is 4º from the tropic of cancer). In respect of naval importance, the Canary Islands have played significant role is a central navigational point among Europe, Asia and America.

Temperature: The Canary Islands are the lands or ever-remaining spring. The subtropical climate of this part of the world makes it a great place to camp. The variations of temperatures range between 3 º C to 6º C all year round.

Dry climatic conditions prevail around Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. So no one will miss the sunshine all year round. But around La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria, the are blissful tropical rains every now and then.

That was the climatic temperature. In respect of the air temperature, the variation do not cross the 18º C to 24º C lines. The water is just perfect for the tourists, as the water remains at around 22º C during the summer and 19º C during the winter. So, no second thought is needed for jumping into the waters for swimming and sunbathing all over the years.

The landscapes: The breathtaking beauty of the landscapes is one of the key attractions of camping in Canary Island. Not to mention the snow-capped mountain peaks. These peaks remain just at the right of the beaches of Canary Islands.

The islands: As all of the Canary Islands are part of the major attractions of tourists frpom all over the world, here goes the name/list of the islands that makes up the Canary Island:

Gran Canaria,




La Palma,

Gomer and


So that makes 7 islands in total. With these major Islands, there are other small neighbors of the Canary Islands. These smaller versions of the Canary Islands share the same level of exotic elegance of mother nature. The well known islands of Canary Islands are:



Montaña Clara,

Roque del Este,

Roque del Oeste and


The islands are pretty near from each other but the landscape and culture among them are greatly different. This should be written in poetic language but the following are beauties that people fall in the love with:


Lush green rain forests,

Sand dunes,

White sandy beaches,

Black volcanic beaches,

Tourist resorts,

Natural parks,


tradition and art

Just wait to hear from this part of the Spanish kingdom ‘welcome to the Canaries!’


Canary Islands Campsites: Astonishingly though, most of the campsites around the Canary Island are not located in the main Islands. Rather, few of them are in the main lands and the rest are in the smaller islands. A vast variety of amenities is part of the Canary camping heritage. The following are most common among them:

Including walks,

Swimming pools,


Bars and

Restaurants etc.

Electricity and healthy supply of water and washrooms are also offered in almost all campsites. The laundry rooms are added advantage these days. Here goes some idea about major campsites in Canary Islands.

Tenerife’s Campsite: Tenerife has only one campsite. It is Camping Nauta in Canada Blanca, Santa Cruz. This place is about two kilometers from the beach. From Los Cristianos it is just two kilometers away. The campers can rent a cabin here. However, if anyone brings in a Motor Home (RV), Caravan or Tents, there is also space for that too.


Gran Canaria Campsites: There are 2 campsites at Gran Canaria. The campsites are-

Camping Temisas in Aguimes and

Camping Guantanamo in Puerto de Morgan

Both of these campsites have good amount of arrangements for Motor Home (RV) of the campers. They allow Caravan or Tents too. The good thing is, campers can keep their pets around the area. Bigger vehicles can access it easily. The entire place is bounded with trees and other plant lives. A great way for outdoor way of living!

Camping de Papagayo – Papagayo – Playa Blanca: This campsite has capacity of 2.000 tourists/campers. There are quite a good amount of campsites around here. Among the campsites, around half caters for tents. The remaining half caters for caravans. Major camping season around this area is from June to September. More info for touring and camping is available at the camping offices.


Travel To Iceland – Land Of Ice And Fire

When we think of word Iceland, the first thing which comes to our mind, it is a land of ice but actually not, it is a land of ice and fire. It is a land of midnight sun. It is one of the most popular destinations in the Europe. It is a blanket of white  . It is a perfect place for adventure seekers. . It is unique place with hot spot of volcanoes. It is one of the safest countries where crimes do not exist.


The main destinations  are divided into five main categories:

Northern part: It is a land of huge fjords and valleys.  It is one of the best tourist’s spots and an excellent place for spending their time. . It is land of mid night sun. The best places are-Myvatn, The Arctic Circle,Laugafell,The Botanical Garden,Dettifoss waterfall and Godafoss waterfall. River Myvatn is one of the best salmon fishing rivers in the Iceland. It has great species of ducks than any other place in the Europe.

Southern part: It is a land of twin delights of nature and beauty. It is a centerpiece and masterpiece land. It is an interesting place with a wide variety of birds and shores. The main attractive places  are- Jokulasarlon, Gullfoss, Geyser, Landmannalaugar,Thingvellir,Thorsmork and Hekla. The main picturesque attractive places are   Jokulasarlon, Gullfoss and geyser. Jokulasarlon, Gullfoss and geyser forms a Golden Circle with vast glacial waterfalls and jetty glaciers.

Western part :  It is rich variety of nature, history and culture. The best unique places are Hraunfossar with  rocks and  lava field; Glymur, Iceland´s highest waterfall; and Víðgelmir, one of the world´s largest lava caves. Mystical Snæfellsjökull which isthe newest national park. You can enjoy wonderful cruises from Stykkishólmur to Breiðafjörður.

Eastern part:   It is a place with the awesome presence of Vatnajökull, Europe´s largest glacier, and its breathtaking mountains and valleys, deserts and woodlands  . Höfn´s Glacier Centre gives fascinating insights of glaciers, Skaftafell National Park with greeny and dark mountains.

West fjords:  It is place totally different from Western part. It is both breathtakingly raw and amazingly rich in vegetation Dynjandi waterfall spreading in steps down the mountainside, and the bird-lovers´ paradise of Vigur, a tiny island where time seems to stand still makes this place fantastic. And other main attractive place is Latrabjarg, the famous place with bird-cliff.

Reykjavik area:  It is capital and the largest city of Iceland. The cleanest cities in the Western world and also called Europe‘s hottest capital. It is a beautiful place to visit. It is a place with the qualities of a modern, forward-looking society is complemented by a close connection to the beautiful and unspoiled nature in the city´s vicinity.  The night of city is fantastic.


Monuments and Places To See In Paris

To make your life more adventurous, you must travel to France.

There are so many tourist attractions in Paris that there simply isn’t time to visit everything during one vacation.

This article is written to give you “must see” list of the monuments, museums, parks and places in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

You can’t go to Paris without seeing the tower. However, here’s the way to get the best out of it: take the Metro to Trocadero and walk to the Palais de Chaillot.

This palace, intended by Napoleon to be “the biggest and most extraordinary” palace”, is well worth a visit and affords spectacular views across the river to the Eiffel Tower

From Chaillot, walk across the bridge (Pont D’Iena) to the tower itself and the Parc du Champ De Mars which is behind it.

Hotel Des Invalides

One of the biggest attractions for tourists in the city is the golden dome and church of Saint-Louis des Invalides. Within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, this church and military museum is well worth a visit. And, even if the subject matter doesn’t interest you, the building is so beautiful, it’s worth seeing close up.

The Musee Du Louvre

The Palais du Louvre and pyramid is the most popular museum with tourists. Famous as the home of the Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo, it has one of the largest collections of art in the world.

After a visit to the Louvre, it’s worth taking a walk through the Jardin Des Tuileries. This royal garden with its statues and ponds is a great place to relax (and should be included in any tour of Paris most beautiful parks) before moving onto the Champs Elysees or across the river to see some great impressionist art in the Musee dOrsay

Ile De La Cite

It’s hard to imagine it, but Paris used to be just this little island.

Starting at the famous Pont Neuf bridge (lit. “new bridge”, but it’s the oldest bridge on the Seine) and ending at the Square Jean XXIII behind Notre Dame cathedral, there are few places in the world with so much history per square meter.

Pigalle & Montmartre

When the sun goes down, one of the most famous attractions for visitors to Paris is the famous Moulin Rouge can-can. Although it’s lost the spirit that first made it famous, the “Red Windmill” still puts on a good show.

Other Attractions

I can’t talk about Paris tourist attractions without talking about one of my favorites: the Catacombs. This network of subterranean rooms are filled with millions of human bones and are a fascination, if slightly ghoulish, tourist draw.